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Here are five guidelines for gifting flowers on Feb. She was shopping with her then-boyfriend of four years, berating him for not buying them for her. flower palate "comes from our nature as a country to be very conservative," said Mario Vicente, the general manager for Fresca Farms, an importer and grower based in Miami."They were only - they were manager's special - and they were so beautiful," she recounted. What I learned from West -- and seconded by many of the women in my life -- is that the idea of a stranger on a porch holding a bunch of posies may sound cinematic but in real life is just awkward. For example, back in college, I saw a beautiful woman performing in the musical "The Pirates of Penzance." The next night, I went back with flowers. Just like the black tux, they're never going out of style. Vicente estimated the domestic market is about three years behind European tastes, and more often that not, strains of flowers his company believes will be popular end up falling flat in the United States.4.But seriously, aside from the I-don't-need-these-things-to-feel-beautiful women, one cannot deny the role that flowers play in the picture. Though we love the idea of a forever kind of love, we still like the idea that you can give us something ephemeral and exciting.Here's why: Some guys think that giving flowers is pointless because the flowers will eventually die. Even if it seems that your money is being put to waste, it's nice to know you spent it on something that will yield a guaranteed smile from us.I went up to the stage before her performance, when West, blonde hair perfectly curled, was fiddling with gear.I thrust the flowers at her, mumbled a few forgettable words and then fled back to my table."Out-of-the-blue flowers, when you're dating someone, are super-sweet," West told me over the phone recently. not as sweet."With this experience in mind, I set out to figure out the basics of bouquets, the fundamentals of flora, the rules of roses. West remembers her favorite instance of receiving flowers: There was no special occasion, just a bouquet on sale at the grocery store.Floral arrangers are artists, she said, and they'll express your information through color, type, texture and design. If you've been buying flowers for years, tell your floral specialist about what has worked and what hasn't. Hey, a philodendron is always nice, too."Flowers die. I can see her point: Even those who are vigilant in changing the water and trimming stems every day or two will still be confronted with flowers' mortality.

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college: (n) an educational place where you're expected to discover who you are, figure out the path to take for the rest of your life, make life-long friends, and, of course, meet the person you're supposed to spend forever with College is full of so many expectations about so many things -- one of them being dating.It can be extremely confusing to tell if someone actually likes you or if they're just interested in sex.