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05-Dec-2017 06:27

Storing navigation data in one place makes it easier to add and remove items in the navigational menus of a Web site.

The following code example shows site-map data that is included in a Web.sitemap file.

Complete this form to send a request to become a member of this project.

Enter any comments that you wish for the project coordinators to see when approving your request, for example what role you would like to have in the project.

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to solve the error (exception) occurring when using the AJAX Control Toolkit’s Html Editor Extender control in ASP. Sanitizer provider is not configured in the web.config file.

If you are using the Html Editor Extender with a public website then please configure a Sanitizer provider.

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Controls for creating rich client behavior with little or no client script, such as asynchronous partial-page updating (dynamically refreshing selected parts of the page without reloading the entire page).

If the Starting Node Offset property is set to a positive number n, the starting node of the subtree that is exposed is a child node n levels below the identified starting node.