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14-Sep-2017 06:27

Mac Lean said it’s not much different than what the organization’s founder, William Booth, did in London in the late 1800s to bring people to the Gospel.

The Salvation Army website notes that among the first converts Booth made were “thieves, prostitutes, gamblers and drunkards.” Then, as now, they sought to bring people to a church for “spiritual guidance.”All participants in the local program are required to take part in daily devotions in the chapel.

Though some of our group are Christians, you don't have to be; we are open to ALL.

As well as regular weekly meetings, we have occasional guest speakers who come with a wealth of diverse knowledge and enlighten us with interesting talks.

On the other hand, Honduras is a Central American country that is nearly three times the size of Switzerland and possesses coasts along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea, but is a “lower middle-income country with persistent poverty and inequality challenges,”with a GDP only about 2.5% that of Switzerland and three neighbors (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala) that share similar economic conditions.

Not to mention that Honduras is right in the path of the flow of drugs shipped by sea and air from Colombia and has therefore been ravaged by the and its attendant factors of massive criminal organizations, violence, and governmental instability.

We all agree that it's a really good day out and we look forward to the following year.

​“We do what we do and put it in the Lord’s hands as God’s program,” said Maj. Mac Lean is administrator of the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Binghamton.

It’s a residential program that uses a faith-based approach to help people out of substance abuse.

Jobs include communication troop officer and intelligence officer.

provide the desk-based support that the Army needs to run effectively.2015 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left nine people dead on was no exception.

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